Wednesday 19 October 2016

“Cities of all sizes need high quality data” says WCCD President & CEO as interest in ISO 37120 expands throughout Eastern and Southern Europe, Caucasus 

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This month, the World Council on City Data (WCCD) has certified its newest ISO 37120 Platinum city, and its first in Southeastern Europe. The City of Koprivnica, Croatia, while certainly smaller than some of the other WCCD ISO 37120 certified cities such as London or Shanghai, is proving the long-held conviction of WCCD President & CEO, Dr. Patricia McCarney: cities of all sizes need good data to improve city services and quality of life. 

Located in the northern part of Croatia, and with a population of 30,872 (2011), Koprivnica represents a new and growing demand for WCCD ISO 37120 certification throughout Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Caucasus – as well as in smaller cities throughout the world. “As the WCCD continues to expand throughout the region, the appetite for standardized urban metrics only appears to be increasing,” stated Dr. McCarney. “Last year was the first time that I had the opportunity to speak to a group of cities from this region about WCCD’s ISO 37120 standard, and the interest was staggering. After addressing the 5th Ljubljana Forum, held in October 2015, the WCCD has only continued to expand its reach throughout the region. Cities are quickly realising that standardized data not only demonstrates accountability and transparency to national governments and the EU, to citizens and industry partners in the smart and sustainable cities sector worldwide, but also showcases a city’s commitment to sustainability across the board.”

Dispelling the myth that only large cities have the capability to implement “world class” city services to improve citizen quality of life, Koprivnica – as it turns out – is a leader on several fronts when compared to other European cities. For example, in looking at number of women elected to local office per 100 000 population, the city bests both London and Amsterdam at 38%, coming in just behind Barcelona at 41%. With a low number of transportation fatalities, homicides and property crimes, the city is also quite safe relative to other cities globally – large and small alike. “Cities of all sizes, throughout the world, need high quality data. Currently in the pipeline, we also have Zagreb and Tbilisi, while we continue to have conversations with additional cities throughout the area,” Dr. McCarney continued. “What was particularly impressive, is that not only has Koprivnica become ISO 37120 certified, but it was certified by the WCCD at the platinum level alongside cities such as London and Barcelona. This is a true testament to Mayor Jakšić and his team, and I look forward to congratulating him in person.”

Koprivnica was certified WCCD ISO 37120 platinum in October 2016 and reported 91 out of a possible 100 ISO 37120 indicators. In addition to Koprivnica the WCCD has certified 7 cities in Europe including: Helsinki, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, and Porto, Valencia. Zagreb, Croatia and Tbilisi, Georgia are also currently in the pipeline and Zagreb is nearing the final data verification phase. Once WCCD ISO37120 certification is complete for Zagreb, the data will be uploaded to the WCCD Open City Data Portal (available at and Zagreb will become part of the WCCD global network of cities, exchanging knowledge and lessons through standardized data alongside Koprivnica and other cities globally.

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