Tuesday 9 October 2018

Welland, Ontario joins the WCCD as a Platinum Certified City

On September 26, 2018, Welland, Ontario officially joined the WCCD network as one of the first ten cities in Canada to become WCCD ISO 37120 certified. Achieving platinum-level certification, Welland now joins the ranks of other data-driven, Ontario cities such as Toronto, Oakville, Cambridge and Vaughan, as well as cities around the world such as London, Dubai, and Buenos Aires. 

“Welcoming Welland into the WCCD global network of cities truly highlights the deep commitment of Mayor Campion and his entire team to creating a culture of data within their city,” stated the WCCD President & CEO, Dr. Patricia McCarney. “As an early adopter of ISO 37120 and achieving WCCD certification, Welland is another shining example that a data-driven culture can exist in cities and communities of all sizes. I extend my congratulations to Mayor Campion and the City of Welland.”

“Council are very appreciative of city staff’s commitment to transparency and accountability through an open government mindset and for distinguishing Welland as one of the leading Canadian and international cities for open data initiatives,” said Welland Mayor Frank Campion. “Data is a valuable resource, not just for Council decision-making, but also for providing insight into economic and social issues, and making contributions to the livability, workability, and sustainability of our community.”

 “This certification is a result of the hard work of city staff along with the support we’ve received from the Mayor and Council in pursuing smart city initiatives,” said Gary Long, the city’s Chief Administrative Officer. “It also reflects our organization’s culture of innovation that encourages staff to share knowledge, experiment, and collaborate on opportunities to use data and information to enhance city programs and services.”

Welland reported 95 out of the 100 indicators within ISO 37120, and the WCCD President and CEO will be presenting Welland’s Platinum certification in a ceremony with Mayor Frank Campion and city staff on November 13th. They are the fifth city in Ontario, and ninth city in Canada, to become WCCD ISO 37120 certified.

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