Tuesday 3 March 2020

WCCD Brings Together Cities of the MENA Region To Discuss Their Commitment to the Dubai-WCCD Local Data Hub, and City Data as a Universal Language

From L to R: Mohammad Jaljouli (Dubai), Sanjaya Bhatia (UNDRR), Mohammed Aseeri (Medina), Hajar Seed (Ajman), Patricia McCarney (WCCD), Shumous Bin Faris Al Sebaia (Dubai), Akram Khasrit (Amman), James Patava (WCCD)
Following the successful launch of the Dubai-WCCD Local Data Hub in November 2019, a group of data-driven cities from across the Middle East – including Dubai (UAE), Medina (Saudia Arabia), Amman (Jordan), and Ajman (UAE) - alongside long-standing WCCD Partner, UNDRR came together for a side event at the UN World Urban Forum. With a decided focus on the importance of city data in creating smarter, more resilient, sustainable and inclusive cities, the group spoke at length on how WCCD’s ISO 37120 Series of Standards is helping to transform how they look at their cities both internally, and compared to the 100 WCCD member cities, across 39 countries. Click here for more photos of the event on the WCCD's Facebook page. 

Click below for a short video highlighting the event! 


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