Wednesday 7 June 2023

Royal Commission for AlUla Joins A Globe-Spanning Network of Cities Committed to Sharing, Analysing, and Utilising Data to Deliver Transformative Positive Change for Residents and Visitors

June 07, 2023

AlUla, Saudi Arabia

The Royal Commission for AlUla’s (RCU) use of comprehensively collected and expertly curated data to empower the ongoing sustainable development of AlUla and improve people’s quality of life through smart services and more have been recognized by the World Council of City Data (WCCD).

WCCD’s recognition of RCU for implementing ISO 37120 –a key standard for successful urban and social development through the practical use of data –means AlUla is now an integral part of WCCD’s globe-spanning network of more than 100 data-driven partner cities that work closely to share up-to-date information. 

The first international standard for city data and the gold level of certification, ISO 37120 establishes, defines, and steers the performance of city services and their impact on the quality of life of residents and visitors. Its scope considers key sectors and services including energy, education, transport, recreation, and urban planning among others.

Drawn from a variety of strategic sources and as a result of far-reaching policies on the ground, the data collected as part of the ISO 37120 Standard allows cities to make effective and transformative decisions that greatly aid infrastructure and social development on a large scale. A dashboard of unified data acts as a single source of truth for AlUla’s transformative development by RCU and alongside key partners.

WCCD officials attended a ceremony at the iconic Maraya venue in AlUla on 7 June to congratulate RCU on its long-term strategic decision to embed a culture of data use and analysis into its comprehensive regeneration plan for AlUla. 

Eng. Amr Almadani, CEO of RCU, said: “As part of our commitment to sustainable and responsible development, and to sharing our cultural legacy with the world, this certification and partnership with the WCCD are critical to RCU’s plans to move forward with the development of AlUla and to continuously improve the quality of life for everyone who comes here to live, work, or visit. A commitment to high-quality data underpins our sustainability and resiliency policies. The WCCD’s high caliber independently verified, and globally standardized data is an important opportunity to benchmark our progress, learn from other cities across Saudi Arabia and globally, and share AlUla’s lessons with the world.”

Dr. Patricia McCarney, WCCD President and CEO, said: “AlUla stands out in Saudi Arabia and globally for its commitment to providing a sustainable, resilient, smart, and prosperous future for residents and visitors alike. I am pleased to congratulate RCU and the impressive AlUla team. I am delighted to be able to extend the WCCD’s congratulations in person and visit AlUla, a city that is fast becoming one of the world’s premier destinations for nature, culture, and heritage.”

ISO 37120 includes 104 fully numeric indicators across 19 themes. It measures city services and quality of life, underpinned by standardized definitions and methodologies. The WCCD was founded in 2014 and helps communities of all sizes worldwide to report standardized, independently verified, and globally comparable city data.

For more information, please contact: 
Dr. Patricia McCarney
President & CEO
World Council on City Data


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