Tuesday 11 July 2023


July 11, 2023

Caledon, Ontario, Canada

Today, the Town of Caledon received Platinum level certification from the World Council on City Data (WCCD) for the implementation of ISO 37120 in 2022.

Caledon is now among a global network of over 100 cities using data to drive innovation in service delivery. Standardized data enables municipalities, of any size, to measure and compare progress to other locations near and far. Joining the WCCD supports Caledon by creating opportunities for global benchmarking which aid in strategic planning in social, economic and environmental areas.

“Platinum-level certification from the World Council on City Data is a prestigious recognition and speaks to Caledon’s commitment to being a great place to live, work and play,” said Mayor Annette Groves. “This certification means we can make data-driven decisions and measure our progress against global benchmarks.”

ISO 37120 is the first international standard for municipal data collection and the Platinum-level certification is the highest certification the WCCD issues. The Town of Caledon implemented ISO 37120 by collecting municipal data in accordance with the WCCD’s standard of practice. This recognition means that Caledon’s data, specific to sustainability and quality of life benchmarks, is of the highest quality.

“I would like to extend my sincerest congratulations to the Town of Caledon for their remarkable achievement in receiving Platinum WCCD ISO 37120 certification,” said Dr. Patricia McCarney, President and CEO of the WCCD. “This well-deserved recognition highlights the town's exceptional commitment to delivering data of the highest quality. The certification not only acknowledges the Town of Caledon's exceptional data reporting but also underscores their dedication to transparency, inclusivity, sustainability, and exceptional service delivery for residents.”

The WCCD was founded in 2014 and helps communities of all sizes worldwide embrace standardized, independently verified and globally comparable city data to become more sustainable, resilient, prosperous, inclusive and smart.

Read Press Release from Town of Caledon here: https://www.caledon.ca/en/news/town-of-caledon-awarded-platinum-level-certification-from-world-council-on-city-data.aspx

For more information, please contact: 
Dr. Patricia McCarney
President & CEO
World Council on City Data


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